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Facing the world as a Southern progressive

12 years ago I voted for Bush in college. Today I'm a vocal progressive in Louisiana, fighting for science, education, and healthcare for my fellow Southerners.

Creationist to biologist: how my past informs teaching & advocacy of evolution

I was a creationist. Now I’m an evolutionary biologist and advocate for science ed in the South. This is a story of science, religion, teaching, and politics.

I was a C-High Falcon in Tuscaloosa (AL) right before resegregation

A Mississippi school system has been ordered to consolidate its racially segregated schools. It got me thinking about how my Alabama hometown resegregated its schools. Here are a few thoughts.

Local voices: Baton Rouge community response to police shooting of Alton Sterling

Lately I’ve been so upset and angry over the violent response by the Baton Rouge police to protests in my city. But let’s also remember the youth-led peaceful protest at the Capitol.

Checking in from flooded Baton Rouge

We’re fine. Our house is fine. Neighborhood is fine. But it’s crazy. Streets that have never seen flooding are underwater. North and northeast of the city have been hit hardest.

The agonizing, heartbreaking experience of helping gut a flooded home in Louisiana

You can start to understand the extent of devastation from photos, but you can’t truly grasp the unbelievably destructive power of water until you step inside a flooded house after much of the water has receded and before the house has been gutted. It’s overwhelming for all of the senses at once.

Big win in Baton Rouge mayor-president election (or: how city-county systems limit urban voting)

On Saturday, Baton Rouge won big. This is a huge win for Baton Rouge residents — not least because Sharon Weston Broome is the first woman to be elected mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish.